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How to become a host family

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Becoming a host family for Daily English is an exciting and rewarding experience in many ways. You get to pass on your own heritage and traditions to curious and motivated children, selected to suit your family, by giving them a taste of another culture and way of living. You also have the opportunity to find work from home, teaching English in France, with your own family, spending quality time with them and giving your children the opportunity to make new friends as the students are chosen to fit your family (age and interests). Moreover, you get to work in your native language, on a regular schedule (during the school holidays and according to your availabilities) and you get good rates of pay. Plus, teaching English with Daily English is the guarantee of never being alone, always being guided, and receiving assistance 24/7 if need be, and becoming part of our network of families. Daily English also provides support and teaching materials that you can use so that you can give your hosts the best learning experience possible without bringing too much constraint on your family.

If you are interested in becoming a host family for Daily English, there are a number of criteria to meet in order to be accepted. Each candidate must be thoroughly vetted in order to be chosen by the director herself. You must provide a safe environment for children to live and learn with you, have a university degree in any subject and or a TEFL qualification and motivated, amongst some other requirements expected from you that you can find on our page If you fit the profile, email saying why you feel you would make a good host family and giving some details of your home and we will be in touch with you shortly in order to review your application and answer any questions.

You will love the experience as our current host families do!

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